Ch 7 Powertrain Review Questions

1. Which of the following would be the most likely cause of a connecting rod tensile failure? engine overspeed

2. Which of the following is a disadvantage of an articulating piston assembly when comparing it to an aluminum alloy trunk piston? Increased tensile loading on the connecting rods

3. Where would a Ni-Resist insert be located? Upper ring belt, aluminum trunk piston

4. Under which of the following conditions would a piston ring seal more effectively? High cylinder pressures

5.  A crankshaft has been damaged by a spun bearing. What would be the likely cause?

 failed vibration damper

6. Which of the following journal surface hardening methods would provide the highest machinability margin? Induction hardening

7. Rod and main journal bearing clearances are properly measured with: Plastigage

8. What type of piston is favored by diesel engine OEMs in post-2007 products? Forged steel trunk

9. When observing a disassembled engine, the outer crown edges of all six pistons show signs of melting and erosion. This could be caused by: Advance timing

10. Which of the following types of pistons use bushingless pin bosses? Ferrotherm

11. What would be the consequence of a misdirected piston oil cooling jet? Torched piston

12. Technician A states that keystone rings are most common in current diesel engines. Technician B states that keystone connection rods have w wedge-shape big end. Who is correct? Tech A

13. What should be used to install piston rings onto a piston? Ring expander

14.  Which of the following operating modes would be more likely to result in a compressional failure of a connecting rod?

Hydraulic lock caused by head gasket failure

15. Crankshaft failure

16. in the center of cone protusion

17. The upper face of a piston assembly is called the Crown

18 B only. Its elliptical than turns round

19. Mexican hat

20. Headland volume

21. CFA: Ring belt reinforcement insert extends into the leading edge of the piston

22. oversize thrust bearings required

23. NONE — Oil hole goes on top

24  Low oil pressure (excessive clearance — not enough oil there)

25. Tech A (Silicon)