1. Which of the following cylinder block designs would be the most common in medium and heavy duty truck diesel engines?

Inline six cylinder

2. The main reason for bench pressure testing a diesel engine cylinder head is to:

Check for coolant leaks

3. When selective fitting a set of dry liners to a cylinder block, which of the following statements should be true?

The liners are installed with a fractionally loose fit.

4. Which of the following is the recommended method of pulling dry liners from a cylinder block?

A puller and shoe assembly

5. Which of the following tools is recommended for checking cylinder block line bore?

Master line bore bar

6. When boiling out a cylinder block, why is it critical that all the scale in the water jacket be removed?

Scale is an effective insulator. (build up inside engine)

7 Which of the following tools should be used to check a cylinder block deck for warpage?

Straightedge and thickness gauges

9. Tech A states that all the machined surfaces of a cylinder block should be checked to specification with a straight edge and thickness gauge.  Tech B states that cylinder blocks should be boiled in a soak tank at every major overhaul

Both are correct

10. When cavitation damage is evident on a set of wet liners, which of the following is more likely to be responsible?

Coolant breakdown

10. When cylinder block counterbores are machined, which of the following would be required?


12. Tech A states that it is good practice to magnetic flux test a cylinder block for cracks at each major overhaul. Tech B states that before performing a magnetic flux test, the cylinder block should e boiled in a soak tank

Both are correct

13. Most current heavy duty, diesel engine cylinder blocks are manufactured from:

Compacted graphite iron (CGI)

14. Once a cylinder head gasket fire ring has been torqued to its yield point

It should not be re-used

15. Tech A states that all cylinder heads on current engines should be hot torqued after a rebuild procedure. Tech B states that cylinder head bolts should be soaked in engine lubricating oil before installation.

B only