Chapt 5 – Electricity

Tech A says that the charge differential stored in a capacitor is held until its plates are connected to a lower voltage source. Tech B says that over time, stored electrons on a capacitor plate will leak through the dielectric until both plates have an equal charge. Who is right? — Both are right

Two complete revolutions of thethimble moves the spindle exactly 1 millimeters

Q: Commonly used sensor that induces AC voltage by having a rotating reluctor cut through a permanent magnetic field is used for:

A: (Wheel Speed Sensor, Transmission Tailshaft Speed Sensor, Engine Speed Sensors)
All of the above


HALL EFFECT — non contact throttle position sensor

Piezo-resistive sensors are sometimes referred to as wheatstone bridges.

47. During the charge cycle, both oxygen and hydrogen are released from electrolyte in a process known as gassing.

48 Batteries may be connected in series or parallel.

52 the electrolyte used is a solution (mixture) of sulfuric acid (H2SO4) and pure water (H2O). The solution proportions should be 36 percent sulfuric acid and 64 percent distilled H2O.

Crank 15 secs

Stall torque