Chapter 7 – Powertrain

Which of the following is an indication of too little piston to liner clearance?
Scoring and scraping

In a two piece, articulating piston assembly, what material is usually used for the skirt?
Aluminum Alloy

Which category of compression ring is on most current highway diesel engines?

Which of the following materials has the highest coefficient of heat transfer?
Aluminum Alloy

What is used to link a piston with a connecting rod
Wrist pin

Which of the following terms means the same thing as a piston pin?
Wrist pin

what type of piston crown is used on most truck diesel engines?
Mexican hat

term used to describe a one-piece piston?

Correct firing sequence for in-line 6 diesel

what does plastigauge measure?
bearing clearance

what is knows as headland volume in a piston assembly?
Volume between crown and top compression ring

a viscous type vibration damper shows trace fluid leakage. what is recommended?