As soon as Harvey made landfall, I wanted to deliver supplies to Houston.

But not been an owner operator and without a commercial drivers insurance, (which is only available to companies) I couldn’t rent from Ryder or Penske.

So if I couldn’t deliver goods to Houston myself, I could at least ensure supplies were delivered through motor carriers that had capacity.

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Often when an eighteen-wheeler leaves a shipper, there’s room for additional freight. Trucks also sometimes travel empty for a long distance after dropping off the load at the receiver.

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All types from Dry Vans to flat beds to Reefers. Even box trucks would be of great help

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Due to the urgency in providing emergency relief, FMCSA has waived these rules as well as requirements for maintenance and inspection for motor carriers who are providing essential supplies (such as food, water, medical supplies, and fuel).

The exemption is only good for 30 days (unless extended), thus the time to match donors with carriers is Now!!

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Look through our website for a list of Corporate donors, charities and churches, and find one that is closeby.  Then contact the donors directly, or if you prefer, we can contact them for you

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